Programs & Events

The Foundation for Douglas County Schools provides resources for experiential and innovative programs and events, mobilizing our community to ensure every student has enriching opportunities to learn and thrive. The Foundation seeks partners to sponsor, support and volunteer for our events and programs.  More about our Programs & Events.

Designated Gifts

Are you passionate about supporting your child's school? Or maybe you'd like to invest in a certain program or initiative. Earmark your gift to the Foundation for a school, program or initiative and 100% of the funds will be granted as you've designated. Please use the Contact Us form on the website to find out more or call us at 303-387-0505.

GEM Society

Members of the GEM Society commit to supporting DCSD by making a modest gift each month through a recurring donation program. This exclusive group of supporters provides sustained resources to accelerate the Foundation’s efforts. More about the GEM Society.

AmazonSmile Program

For every purchase made through AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase to a charity!  Please activate this program and select "Douglas County Educational Foundation."  It is an easy way to support projects and educational programs for OUR District. If all DCSD schools, departments and employees participate each time they use Amazon it would result in tens of thousands of dollars each year for our students! Find out how.

Grants & Scholarships

Awarded annually based on the criteria established between the Foundation’s board of directors and each fund’s donors. Funds are awarded as seed money to ignite a new project or to support deserving students in need. Designate your gift for a specific grant or scholarship fund. More about our Grants & Scholarships.

Gifts In Kind

Donated items and services are a key part of propelling the mission forward. The kinds of in-kind contributions that have impact are endless, but certain items and services are our highest priorities. Please use the Contact Us form on the website to find out more or call us at 303-387-0505.

Other Ways to Give

There are many ways to support our mission to help open doors for Douglas County students. Please use the Contact Us form on the website to find out more or call us at 303-387-0505.


For  information about specific opportunities to invest in Douglas County students, teachers and schools,
please download our 2018-19 Investment Opportunities Catalogue.