DCSD Administrator Scholarship Fund

One exceptional graduating senior from each high school is selected by school administration to to receive a scholarship. Recipients have an urgent fincial need for support and have demonstrated incredible academic success, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

School administrators nominated each recipient of the 2019 DCSD Administrator Scholarship. The stories of each recipient are incredibly heartwarming, which you can watch on the DCSD YouTube channel. Learn more about the winners.


Supports the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as hearing students that are pursuing higher education for the teaching of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Tom Miller Scholarship

Provides financial assistance to DCSD graduates who wish to pursue a degree from a vocational or technical school.

Your named scholarship or grant

Talk to us about establishing a named grant or scholarship in your honor or in memoriam. Make a targeted investment that aligns impact with your interests and passions. You choose how the funds are directed (curriculum area, grade level, region, etc.). Whether a one-time contribution or a recurring investment your gift will make a difference for Douglas County Students.